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Premarital Counselling

Congratulations! You are engaged- now the fun and work begins. Regardless of how you are planning on celebrating your wedding- a therapist can help you have a successful wedding and marriage.

Everyone knows the troubling statistics that 50% of marriages end up in divorce. People also know at least one couple who maybe should not be together or are in unfulfilling relationships and wants to avoid that for themselves. Being distracted with the excitement and planning, couples may forget to talk about important matters and think that they can figure it out on their own but do not realize how hard it is until after the honeymoon.

The good news is that pre-martial counselling can help prevent many problems in marriages by learning some basic strategies and tools for making a marriage work from the start. Research shows that couples who actively participate in premarital counselling have a 30% lower divorce rates that those who do not do it.

Premarital therapy involves assessments, education, and direction to prepare you for a lasting and happy marriage. Premarital counselling is not to test your relationship and future marriage, but rather to focus on prevention and enhancing the positive and unique qualities in your relationships. Working with a trained therapist you can identify and resolve potential areas of concern before they become big issues and you become another statistic.

While there are a number of different religious institutions may offer premarital counselling some people may opt to have a secular approach. Keep’N It Real Solutions does not shy away from topics and will help you figure things out before they become problematic.

Give you, your partner, and your relationship the solid foundation is deserves and schedule your appointment with Keep’N It Real Solutions at 1-877-540-9870.