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90 Day Freedom Plan

Tired of being stuck? Break Free from Narcissistic Abuse and live the life you deserve!

Over the course of 90 days, you will work with a specialist who has been there and has the personal experience and professional credentials to help you break free from pain.

What most people do not realize is that treating personality disorders and survivors of narcissistic abuse actually requires specialized training in the mental health field. Great therapists may unintentionally cause harm- which none of us want. You have been harmed enough. That stops today!

With the Break Free and Live the Life You Deserve 90-Day Program you will get:

  • A mental health biopsychosocial assessment (initial appointment) (50 minutes duration). Because you matter!
  • A customized plan to get you where you deserve to be.
  • One-on-one counselling/coaching 45-minute video or telephone call support session with our specialist, Malissa Veroni every week.
  • Access to an online private Facebook Community Support group where you can share, grow, and heal together.
  • Personalized exercises that are tailored to your particular situation and need to help you break free of the pain and ongoing cycle of abuse.
  • Customized care that matters.
  • Special and early access to any promotions, books, and other training being offered by Malissa and Keep’N It Real Solutions.

This will lead to what we call the 3C’s

Clarity- Dr. Phil said it well, “we cannot change what we don’t acknowledge.” Malissa Veroni says “We keep it real so you can heal.” With this program, you will strengthen your clarity around your particular issue. Gone are the days when gaslighting will affect you!

Confidence– One of the saddest things about surviving narcissistic abuse is the death of one’s confidence. People easily lose themselves and do not know who they are anymore. People often describe themselves as being a “broken shell of the person I used to be.” With this program, you will begin to re-learn who you are, build your confidence, and be you! You will be working with someone who has personally and professionally been there and can walk you through this journey to improve your confidence!

Choice– Life is all about choices. Hurts doesn’t it? Our choices do not need to hurt us anymore. With this program, you will learn about your choices and will be able to make choices out of strength rather than despair and fear.

Book now as spaces in this special program are limited.

Your initial investment is $3000 CAD for 90 days for a more clear, confident, independent, free you!

Installment options are available

  1. $2000 day 1
  2. $600 day 31
  3. $600 day 61