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Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessment

Keep’N It Real Solutions offers families, friends, and professionals who are looking for a capacity assessment to have it performed jointly by two professionally trained capacity assessors. This option does not cost any additional money, and the benefit is that the two designated assessors must come to a consensus, which is often reassuring the person being assessed and those who care for them.

Assessments may occur over several days and are mostly conducted virtually. Assessments can also be done in the adult’s place of residence, living care facility, or group home. Assessors will come to meet you where you are!

If you would like to be put on a waitlist to be considered for a capacity assessment please email to get a referral form and an assessor will call you within a few business days.

Capacity Assessments: Malissa Veroni & Carrie Taks

  • $250 for the initial interview and research
  • $250 for the assessment (for personal or finances)
  • $200 extra if both personal and financial domains are to be assessed.
  • *If in person assessment(s) are required additional travel fee, plus time travel feel will be charged.
  • *Additional administrative and/or rush fees may apply and will be discussed prior to the initial assessment.

Please note the policy to secure your appointment, prior to booking, requires you to put an active credit card on file. There will be no expectations made to ensure to be fair to everyone who is wanting services and to ensure a smooth process.

Appointments must be cancelled with 48 hours’ notice, or a cancellation fee will be charged.