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Facts About Sierra Lione

The current monthly income, for individuals who can get jobs, is $45 – $50 USD a month. To put that in perspective, a doctor’s visit can cost roughly $18 dollars, while a 1 bedroom apartment in a city center is roughly $750 USD a month, and yearly tuition at an international school is $2007 USD.

Taken from UNCIEF’s Website:

Child marriages (Data from 2015 show that nearly 40% of girls in Sierra Leone are married before their 18th birthday 


Teenage pregnancy reduces a girl’s chances in life, often interfering with schooling, limiting opportunities, and placing girls at increased risk of child marriage, HIV infections, and domestic violence.


According to the World Health Organization, teenage pregnancy is also a leading cause of death for mothers in Sierra Leone. Data from 2015 show the country’s maternal mortality rate is at 1,360 deaths per 100,000 live births.


In Sierra Leone, teenage pregnancy and child marriage are common. According to the country’s 2013 Demographic and Health Survey, 13 percent of girls are married by their 15th birthday, and 39 percent of girls before their 18th birthday. Globally, more than 700 million women alive today were married as children.


Child pregnancies (Current world statistics suggest that Sierra Leone is one of the top ten countries in the world with the highest child pregnancy rates.


Three in every ten teenage Sierra Leonean girls are pregnant, according to UNICEF (2015 figures).